An organization that plays an important role in the society in which products or services are being sold to have profit is business. To make a profit on it, an individual who is involved in this organization must be responsible, aware and concern in order to earn money and wealth. Moreover, because it is everywhere and everyone is being link, like in our necessities and demands such as food, clothing, energy, water, cars etc.

I had a partner in business, he is one of my friends and together our success came from what we called "from rags to riches status". I met him since we are in college, because we are both studying a business management course. My friend and I were both working students. Studying in that course was a bit hard for a working student like us. We used to work in a restaurant after school in order for us to have some money for us to buy our school needs and to help our parents in some school payments.

After we graduated in that course, we both have a job in a company who sells goods and services. Unfortunately, even we had accomplished our studies, when it comes to other reality; they made us start from the lowest position. However, since we are dedicated to make our life to be a successful one, we helped each other. We started from being a dishwasher for months, then being janitors, until we made it and promoted as sales clerks. Together, we made our job well by selling the company products and make a good service to our customers. Through the good heart of the company owner, we are promoted into higher position, until we are designated in different company branches and we were been parted from each other. He has to go on his way and I as well.

After several years, we used to meet again and when we met, we are now both own a business company. We are both a successful executive wherein his company is on selling services. While my company is selling goods and services! When both of us talks about our past, we are very thankful that we made it to succeed into our chosen career. From studying and believing to ourselves to achieved our goal in life by the help of business, we are now successful. In addition, because our company has big demand in the market, we were now have our own wealth. Unlike before, we can now buy everything we need and everything we want. Because of that, we are now able to help other people to have a job opportunity in the industry we have.